Our Purpose

Who we are and what we do

We are a network of people, nonprofits and companies supporting each other in making a positive difference for the world (we call these kind of people ´Angels´).

Our Angel Mentors invest (for free) in all types of ´Angels´ by coaching and mentoring them and making their projects successful. To empower them, by developing awareness of their unique personal strengths as well as providing professional business advice. We want to help create a brighter future.


To become a network that connects, enables, and supports people, nonprofits and companies who strive to make the world a better place and make their own life more meaningful.


To mentor and advise ´Angels´ regarding their business and their personal strengths, setting them up for success and creating a network of like-minded people.

Feel like the statements below apply to you?

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You are smart and sensitive
You want to make a positive difference for the world
Your own values or the values of your nonprofit/company are aligned with ours
You are willing to invest in yourself, beginning with the Clifton Strengths Assessment
You want to use your unique talents and strengths in a down-to-earth way
You want to link heaven and earth to make your life more meaningful
How We Support You

Private Coaching Sessions to develop yourself and your business

Our Angel Mentors will help you in the sense that we invest our time, energy, and expertise to enable you to reach your personal and business goals effectively.

The first step and crucial part is a personal Clifton Strengths Assessment. We would like to get your strengths (and weaknesses) to the surface and build from there. You receive a professional assessment of your results as well as private coaching sessions to further focus on how to reach your personal and business goals. Once you become part of the network you can connect to other Angels who will be happy to share their expertise – just like you might also do one day.

Clifton Strengths

Really get to know you and your talents.

Over 28 million people use the Clifton Strengths method to thrive in their work and everywhere else. You are unique. You are powerful. Be confident with who you are. Understanding your strengths unlocks your potential and leads you to greater performance, which is why we always start our coaching with the Clifton Strengths.
The Angel Mentors

Meet some of our professional mentors

Clifton Strengths / Expertise:

Individualisation | Relator |  Discipline | Futuristic | Analytical

I have a talent to see if something you want to do, is going to be successful. Does it suit you?  Will it make you happy? How will you reach your goal?

What are the chances of success? I use visualisation as a tool to explore the future with you. Making a plan, paying attention to detail, working proactively…all make me very happy. I believe that energy should be used effectively.

I am especially committed to helping people or companies with projects that want to make a positive difference for the world.

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Clifton Strengths / Expertise:

Activator | Relator | Maximizer |  Significance | Positivity

I believe that everyone is unique and has very special talents.  That everyone can contribute in their own unique way to make a positive difference for society and thus for the world.

I am passionate about helping you to discover what makes you unique and how to excel in this as a person, colleague, or partner. I am sincere, I like to really connect with people and, with my positive energy, encourage them to move forward with the focus on quality and impact.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s always movement. Let’s not sit still, let’s move forward. 

Because I am driven to get things done, I sometimes seem a bit impatient, but I am always friendly and above all caring!

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Clifton Strengths / Expertise:

Strategic | Communication | Activator | Maximiser | Woo

Through my strongly developed intuition and ability to see and read your aura, I can connect with you at a deeper level, see who you truly are and what suits you.

We start by really understanding what you want and what your goals are.  By looking at this with our intuition and using the Strengths Finder tool, we can identify the best way to move forward.  Together we will work out how to move towards you being able to create the life on earth that really suits you.  Step by step you will realise your own heaven on earth.

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