Are you an Angel?

Perhaps you don’t see yourself as an Angel and you feel its “normal” to want to contribute to a better world.

Our Mission

We believe in the power and energy that is created when attention is paid to the development of consciousness of all the ‘Angels’ who make our world a more beautiful place to live.


"Standing still" and moving forward from there

Our Investment

We facilitate 4 loving days a year for our Angels, with attention to you as Angel. Days in which you don’t have to give, but can receive and discover. To perhaps focus on your potential in a more conscious way.

The 4 days we facilitate are supervised by professional coaches. In addition to paying attention to your development, we pamper you with nutritious food and tasty drinks.

Your Investment

It´s easy: You commit to getting together with a group of similar minded, inspiring people 4 days a year. You are open to the development of consciousness and believe that this contributes to increasing your uniqueness and potential.

It is a commitment that you make as long as you feel that you want to be part of this.

Contact Us

Are you interested or have any questiosn - just get in touch!